Multicraft Improves Keyless Entry for Vehicles

Multicraft technology is revolutionizing keyless vehicle entry, making it more accurate, secure and reliable. Known as “Passive Door Entry,” the method works when a key fob is within a certain distance of the vehicle, but the owner need merely touch or press a button or access point to unlock the car, rather than using a traditional key and lock. This technology has been in use in vehicles produced in the last five years to a decade, but has seen issues in reliability and even false openings.

In technical terms, our PE door handle utilizes the Multicraft Capacitive Touch Technology (MCTT) that detects when a person touches the door handle and sends an output signal to the car Body Control Module.

The door handle with MCTT can be activated by hand or hand with gloves. MCTT has an adaptive baseline features which makes it immune to environmental variables such as water, snow, dust, oil, etc.—a problem in some other companies’ iterations of Passive Door Entry that undermines the reliability of the lock.

This graph illustrates the adaptive baselines feature. Once a hand or hand with gloves touches copper pad at Finger Touch A (Figure 2), the MCTT adapts to the environment and provides necessary output to BCM (Body Control Module) which securely lock the car door. This technology will also prevent false reading that will avoid unnecessary power consumption. The same technology applies when a hand or hand with glove touches copper pad at Finger Touch B (Figure 2), which unlocks the car door.


Multicraft Glove Box Light Switch Gets Celebrity Endorsement

At Multicraft, we’re used to our products existing in the background—the little things that just work, so no one puts much thought into them. It’s not every day that celebrities call out the wire harnesses or processed tubing in the cars they endorse. That’s why it gives us a different kind of laugh to see Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy wax poetic about the glove box, and specifically call out the lighting, in a national commercial. Multicraft is proud to supply 100 percent of the glove box lights in North American Chrysler vehicles (Dodge is a Chrysler brand).

Check out the commercial:


Multicraft Partners with Sargomma in Italy

The Beginning of a Bella Associazone

Mr. Andrew Mallinson, CEO of Multicraft International, announced July 14, 2014, that the company has entered into a formal agreement with Sargomma s.r.l. of Turin, Italy.

This move establishes a presence in Italy for Multicraft’s continuing growth in supplying its global customers, including FCA Fiat Chrysler Automotive.

Multicraft products are specified on numerous Italian car models, and Sargomma’s existing engineering, quality and supply coordination systems will support Multicraft’s electrical switch programs as they develop into global supply. The company currently provides to China, Brazil and Melfi, Italy, as well.

Multicraft is a privately owned automotive original equipment manufacturer formed in 1978 with operations in Mississippi, USA, and sales office in Detroit, Michigan, USA, specializing in custom-designed electronic and electromechanical switches as well as wire harnesses, incorporating LED lighting, passive entry capacitance technology and Hall effect sensor brake switches.