Open positions at Multicraft

Open positions at Multicraft

If you want to be part of a team that has roots in Mississippi but reaches all over the world, a team that is always looking for a new, better way to do things, get in touch with the Human Resources Department at Multicraft.


General Responsibilities:

  • Provide on-line capacity for moving, conveyor boards and stationary boards
  • Ability to read and interpret simple color diagrams for line plugging
  • Visually inspect harness for: wire orientation, missing components, and sealed wire.
  • Pack box quality of 50 pieces in shipping container
  • Ability to build and tape parts
  • Aid in housekeeping

Experience and Education:

  • High school diploma or equivalent from accredited institution preferred
  • Ability to work while standing for 10-hour shifts
  • Some experience preferred in manufacturing environment
  • Will train and promote on merit

Apply For Plant Assembler


General Responsibilities:

Level 1:  Load magnetic flippers in rails

Requires manually inserting small flippers into aluminum rails with correct orientation without causing damage to flippers.  Testing completed rails by passing through a magnetic test fixture to visually verify that all flippers will properly rotate.  Seated work cell. 

Level 2:  Paint magnetic flippers

Requires set-up and use of spray paint cans, set-up of flippers to be painted, and operation of paint conveyor.  Must be able to verify paint quality, such as paint coverage areas, bubbles, pits, and contamination.  Must understand paint cure time requirements.  Standing work cell.

Level 3:  Read work orders and assemble rails to length

Requires custom assembly of completed rails per a work order written detail.  Must be able to read measurements in feet/inches down to x/16ths, as well as meters/centimeters.  Use pneumatic press to cut rails to custom length.  Use rivet gun to attach rails.  Standing work cell.

Level 4:  Final assembly of scales

Requires custom assembly of scales per a work order written detail.  Use pneumatic press to cut steel channel to custom length.  Must be able to read measurements in feet/inches down to x/16ths, as well as meters/centimeters.  Drill holes with hand-held power tool.  Use crimping tools.  Spot weld measurement scales to steel channel.  Other various components also used in assembly.  Standing work cell.

Level 5:  Weld stainless steel channel

Requires ability to tig weld channels end to end.  Must understand how to set-up and use welding equipment and weld quality.  Previous welding experience preferred.  Standing work cell.

Level 6:  Glass Blowing

Requires use of hand-held oxy/acetylene torch and lathe to form glass tubes.  Previous experience with cutting torch on metals or sweating pipe is helpful.  Standing work cell.

Pay range $11.00 ~ $16.00 per hour, increases based on achievement of job duty levels.  All applicants are expected to become proficient at all 6 levels. 


High school diploma or equivalent from accredited institution preferred

Experience in manufacturing environment preferred

Welding experience beneficial

Will train on all Levels above

Apply for ABB Assembler/ABB Glass Blower



      .      Examine contents and compare with records, such as manifest, invoices or orders to verify

             accuracy on incoming or outgoing shipments.

      .      Load and unload freight for shipping and receiving

      .      Record shipment data, such as weight, damages and discrepancies for reporting, accounting and

             record keeping purposes.

      .      Sort and place product in designated racks by FIFO process after products are inspected.

      .      Identify all product on top racks with date and part number.

      .      Deliver or route materials to departments using work devices such as hand truck or forklift.

      .      Pull daily shipments, weigh and wrap/band.

      .      Pack, seal, label, and affix postage to prepare materials for shipping.

      .      Driving a forklift and abiding by all safety standards.

. Ability to work close with supervision to learn job requirements by performing routine task.

. Be a team player.

     . Ability to routinely lift 40-pound boxes.

     .      Count and confirm inventories when needed.

     .      Ensure a cleanliness, tidiness and safe work environment.

Apply Warehouse Technician

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