01 Idea

Every product starts with a problem. What do you need? What’s missing? What could work better, faster, with less waste, or in less space? In the idea phase, we work closely with the customer to thoroughly understand their needs and how a Multicraft-manufactured element will integrate into their final product. We want to not only meet the job requirements, but also go beyond them by suggesting design improvements where appropriate. Through collaboration, we can create a world-class product. Continue

02 Management

Clear communication is key to a successful partnership, so every program is carefully managed by a Program Manager, who is in continuous contact with the customer. From developing to reviewing to monitoring results, our Program Managers keep the customer involved and up-to-date during every stage of the job, from the first questions to the final packages. Continue

03 Engineering

Multicraft uses the latest technologies and engineering innovations to deliver cost-effective product designs that exceed our customer’s expectations. Our engineering team utilizes systems including Siemens NX and Solidworks 3D CAD to provide engineering support ranging from build to print to full custom product design. Continue

04 Validation

Using an on-site 3D printer and full service tool room, we can create functional prototypes to ensure the product fully meets the customer’s requirements before manufacturing plans take off—saving time and money. Our on-site testing lab checks every product against the customer’s requirements, performance criteria, and/or industry standards. Continue

05 Manufacturing

Armed with a thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements and the product’s application, as well as with extensive testing behind us, the Multicraft team analyzes potential failures of the product and manufacturing process. Using this analysis, we develop a manufacturing plan that addresses each failure mode on the front end, with poka-yoke—or mistake proofing—processes in place to ensure a defect-free product. Continue


Introduction to our PROCESS

Our process revolves around the customer. Throughout the project, our customer's needs are re-evaluated and re-established to ensure the final product exceeds expectations. The customer is looped in every step of the way, from concepting to validation to manufacturing. Let Multicraft innovate a solution to your problem.


Now you know our process

So what problem can we help you solve? What product can we innovate together? Multicraft is ready to help you move forward.