Multicraft Case Study Brake
Successful Program Transfer

Successful Program Transfer

Our Program Management expertise ensured the flawless transfer of a safety-critical component for a major player in the automobile industry.

When Multicraft International was awarded the brake switch program for a major automobile producer, beating out global competition from companies in the United States, Korea, Europe and Mexico.

The former supplier elected to exit the business, due to restructuring of core products, instability in the precious metals market and lack of resources to support the program. That meant Multicraft needed to transfer the production line from Mexico.

This was an extensive job, as the program represented more than 80% of the automobile brand’s North American brake switch production.


Multicraft International’s efficient program management included thorough and effective coordination between the automobile brand, Multicraft International and the former supplier. We successfully managed the production safety bank of the finished products and down-level components, the tooling and the transfer of the complete multi-station production line.

Moreover, within the first month of production, Multicraft was able to incorporate additional poke-yoke devices that addressed the previous supplier’s quality issues.

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