Multicraft Business Divisions
Business Divisions

Business Divisions

Multicraft operates discrete, decentralized, autonomous business units in its full service design and manufacturing divisions and subsidiaries.

Our Business Divisions

Multicraft Technologies
Multicraft Technologies designs and manufactures complex electrical switch and sensor assemblies, wiring harness assemblies and magnet assemblies supported by robotic manufacturing cells, insert and injection molding, CNC machining, automated wire lead processing, and a full service prototype and tool room.
Multicraft Enterprises
Multicraft Enterprises designs and manufactures complex electrical assemblies and metal assemblies supported by CNC 3-axis tube benders, CNC machining, and a full service prototype and tool room.
Multicraft Limited
Multicraft Limited designs and manufactures complex metal tubing assemblies supported by automated tube processing, CNC 3-axis tube benders, CNC machining, welding, and component wash line.
Multicraft Industries
Multicraft Industries is focused on metal tube fabrication CU.
Multicraft Ventures
Multicraft Ventures brings products from concept to reality in multiple markets including automotive, outdoor power equipment, and HVAC.  Ventures works with entrepreneurs from the earliest concept stage through final product realization or any stage in between and has full resources available of: concept development, in-house prototyping, engineering design with full CAD capability, licensing/patenting, Manufacturing design, testing, production facilities, joint ventures, and capital formation.  

Global Connections

Multicraft has manufacturing capability in China, as well as business and technical partnerships in Turin, Italy, and Chelb, Brazil. We also have sales offices in Detroit, Michigan, and London, England. These global connections, in combination with our Mississippi headquarters, ensure we provide technical and cost effective solutions worldwide.

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