This fall, Multicraft International participated in a Business Development Mission to India, hosted by the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA).

Governor Phil Bryant, MDA Executive Director Glenn McCullough Jr, and other local companies met with Indian businesses in September to discuss a joint development.

Mississippi has been selected by the Indian consulate as their primary relationship in the Southeast United States to help foster growth and development. Mississippi, especially Mississippi State University, is well known for its concentration in agricultural technology as well as its advancements in drones, battleships, and submarines.

The Chamber of Commerce for Mississippi has been working diligently to establish a partnership with not only the Indian government, but with specific Indian organizations. As India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the country has been looking towards the United States to help to fill gaps in existing infrastructure such as roads, dams, and buildings.

“The India business mission enabled leaders of Mississippi companies such as Multicraft abundant opportunities to gain access to the country’s booming marketplace,” said MDA Executive Director Glenn McCullough, Jr. “Mississippi’s business development missions allow our state’s business to showcase their products and services worldwide. These efforts generate jobs and new investment in quality, Mississippi-made goods.”

Multicraft International specifically met with over 40 engineering companies to help meet their own growing demands. To help supplement Multicraft’s own engineering team, Multicraft is forming relationships with Indian engineers to help with capabilities such as proof of concept, drawing, and testing.

Andrew Mallinson, CEO of Multicraft International, stated, “We hope to establish a partnership with India like we have done in Brazil and Italy. The wide range of Indian engineering companies was very impressive. We have a limit of how many projects we can take on simultaneously, so these additional resources would allow us to take on more ventures. Secondly, by working with Indian software developers, we would be able to improve our own internal manufacturing strengths like shop floor development.”

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About Multicraft International

Multicraft International is a privately held Mississippi based designer and manufacturer of world-class products for the automotive, outdoor power equipment, HVAC, industrial, and consumer industries. Founded in 1978, Multicraft manufactures products ranging from automotive break switches, magnetic engine components, engine cooling resistor assemblies, interior lighting, and various electronic controls.