Chris Schooler is our Research and Development Manager at Multicraft International. He started his career with our team as a co-op engineering student in 1992. Earning his Industrial Technology degree from Mississippi State University, Chris has vast experience in product design and development, equipment design and automation, and has been the lead engineer on a multitude of new automotive component designs and launches.

Chris resides in Brandon, MS, with his wife Sharron. In his free time he enjoys working on home improvement projects as well as woodworking. He also enjoys spending time at the English Motoring Club with his father.

Chris has fond memories of working with Multicraft. He explained, “I grew up with all these people. We had picnics that I would take my kids too.”

He is also very passionate about his job. He especially enjoys seeing products come to life. “I like that if I think of a design, I can write it on a napkin, draw it up, develop a prototype and put it into testing. This is a way to see exactly what a customer needs and execute it,” he replied.

“For me to not have to move to Michigan and to have an opportunity like this in a great thing.”

We are so glad that Chris is a member of the Multicraft Family!